Our primary goal with our bookkeeping services is to empower businesses so that they can take control of their finances.

Monthly, quarterly, and annual services are available. All packages include account reconciliation, adjusting entries recording, and reasonableness of income statement accounts assessment. The following table lists the optional add-ons:

Available Add-OnsMonthlyQuarterlyAnnual
Bill payX
Payroll management (through Gusto)X
Accounts receivable managementXX
Receipt matchingXX
Inventory managementXX
Budget and cash flow managementXX
State tax filingsXXX
Forms 1099 filingsXXX
Fixed asset maintenanceXXX

Some business owners need help getting their books up-to-date or may want to do their bookkeeping themselves. Narrows Bookkeeping LLC can help with the following services:

  • Retroactive Bookkeeping: For business owners who are behind on their books and need assistance catching up. Once books are up to date, we can discuss setting you up for either reoccurring services or training so that you can manage your own books going forward. Add-ons available would be based on the package of your choice.
  • Training and Consulting: For business owners who are hoping to do their own bookkeeping, but don’t know where to start. We can get you set up with the appropriate software and provide instructions and training on those software. Ongoing support is available on a variable basis, dependent upon client desire/need, which will be discussed during the initial training process. Additional support requests can be added at any time after initial training is provided.

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Narrows Bookkeeping LLC believes in value based pricing. For regular bookkeeping work, there will be a set monthly fee. You won’t get charged for every phone call or email you send us. You won’t have an irregularly high invoice from us in January after the Forms 1099 and W2 are completed. This will help with maintaining a steady cash flow for both you and us. There are times where pricing cannot be determined beforehand and will be billed hourly, but we will work with you in order to keep pricing within your budget.

After the initial consultation there will be a diagnostic review billed up front at $150 to determine the scope of the project and an onboarding plan for your regular services. In this review we will reconcile your balance sheet accounts to external source documents (i.e. bank statements, amortization schedules, etc) and look through the income statement to determine if there are any unusual transactions that should be moved or adjusted. Afterwards we will present multiple package options for you to choose from for work going forward, with different pricing tiers and onboarding fees. Should you choose to hire Narrows Bookkeeping LLC, the $150 diagnostic review fee will be applied to your onboarding fee.

In order to get an accurate price for catching up your books, we will first complete a comprehensive diagnostic review, billed up-front at a minimum of $150. Once this review is complete, we will provide our findings and recommendations for your books and give you a quote for retroactive services. Should you choose to hire Narrows Bookkeeping LLC, the diagnostic review fee will be applied to your retroactive service fee.

Training and consulting is billed on an hourly basis. After the initial consultation phone call, Jessica will provide package and pricing offers from which you can choose.